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The Barcelona area is unique in its ability to provide coverage of many of the major themes of both physical and human geography. There is a greater variety of landscapes in the Barcelona region than that found between Ireland and the Caucasus Mountains. For urban geographers, Barcelona provides what many regard as the world's best example of modern urban regeneration. It is where Ildefons Cerda first coined the term 'urbanisation' in the construction of his garden city extension in 1859.

Barcelona's approach to modern urban regeneration is difficult to overestimate.  "What is happening in Barcelona is absolutely a phenomenon," says Ricky Burdett, director of the Cities Programme at the London School of Economics and adviser to London Mayor Ken Livingstone. "Barcelona is the jewel in the crown of urban regeneration," adds architect Lord Richard Rogers, who headed a task force for the British government recommending that England embrace more than 100 measures first tried here.

Our most popular geography fieldwork studies cover the following themes:


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