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Why come to Barcelona for your field studies?

The Barcelona area offers a range of settings for fieldwork unrivalled in Europe.

The city of Barcelona presents a fascinating case study of many of the major themes of urban growth and development, from its well preserved medieval quarters, to the late nineteenth century L’Eixample and the best-practice urban renewal schemes of El Raval, the Olympic Village and the current Diagonal Mar and Forum projects. The range of issues that can provide the basis for student investigations is large.

Barcelona is surrounded by a number of spectacular and unspoiled Natural Parks. Field study sites include the limestone landscapes of the Garraf and Montserrat Natural Parks, the Ebro Delta wetlands, the alpine landscape of Montseny, the volcanic scenery of Garrotxa Volcanic Park, and the glacial topography of the Vall de Núria.

Barcelona Field Studies Centre has been helping students of geography, ecology, biology and business studies explore the Spanish environment since 1999.

Visitors to the centre cover the age range from KS3 and GCSE to A level and beyond.

Sixth form geography and biology are a major part of Centre work. KS4 courses are usually based on GCSE or GNVQ subjects. KS3 environmental education trips support ecology based, creative, mathematical, language and literacy work. Courses are lead by a specialist tutor from the Centre. Every course is tailored to the specific needs of the group.

Some group leaders prefer to teach their own students using the centre facilities.

The Centre has Health and Safety systems, an excellent safety record and a dedicated team of experienced, specialist tutors.


Key Stage 4, National Curriculum, Human, Physical, Ecosystems, Rural Settlements, Coursework, Case Studies, Exam Knowledge and Investigative Skills.

Key Stage 5 - Biology, Ecological Techniques, Freshwater Ecology, Limestone Pavement, Microbial Ecology, Psammosere, Woodland Ecology.

Key Stage 5 - Geography: Physical Topics - River Channel Processes, Coastal Management, Ecosystems, Glacial Features, Limestone Landscapes, Psammosere, River management, Volcanic Landscapes. Human Topics - Rural Depopulation and Rebranding, Tourism & Recreation, Urban Land Use, Urban Regeneration and Rebranding. Ecosystem Topics - Management, Succession, Soils, Woodland Ecology, Pollution.

Sitges coastal management study
Sitges coastal management study

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Field studies follow the Geographical Association Fieldwork Code of Practice